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Bridgewater Inn and Cottage does not have rooms. It has three suites that offer ultimate comfort and each detail has been carefully considered for our guests. Romance, elegance, tranquility, and privacy describe the ambiance of Bridgewater Inn and Cottage. Enjoy a special place for your special moments. Each suite has a private entrance. Having individual suites separated from one another, solves noise transfer from room to room, a major concern in historic inns. The crying baby, loud T. V., music or intimate noises are yours and yours alone.

The three suites have cottage privacy but bed and breakfast amenities. Breakfast is served in each suite at a time of your choice. Enjoy in your P. J.'s or our robes.

Bridgewater Inn and Cottage has all the amenities and luxuries you are looking for to relax or unwind and at an affordable price to indulge yourself.


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Explore the Guest Room

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